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A-BMC / Autologous Bone Marrow Concentrate
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Acute traumas usually lead to complex, long surgeries where bone or cartilage healing becomes a central factor of their success. To meet theses challenges, Regen Lab develops the Regen Extracell® BMC technology, a simple, safe and efficient way to prepare Bone Marrow Cells Concentrate for orthopedics procedures.


The Regen Extracell BMC technology and its products aim is to dramatically enhance tissue regeneration toward a quicker and more successful patient’s recovery. At the edge of the latest developments of the cellular therapy research, the Regen Extracell contribution in the world of orthopaedics wishes to be safe and realistic.

bmc_scaffoldFostering Bone and Cartilage Regeneration while combining Combining BMSC, A-PRP and bone substitute
RegenKit Extracell BMC and Glue products answers this philosophy, offering practical devices for the collection, preparation and use of autlogous stem cells and platelet-rich plasma.