BioSpine 2019

7th International Congress on Biotechnologies for Spinal Surgery

BioSpine 2019

BOOTH n. 6

April 3-5, 2019

Auditorium Antonianum, Rome


Thursday 4th April

13:00 – 14:00 | Lunch Industry Symposium Room

PRP indications for low back pain facets joints and discal diseases medical treatment and association with spinal surgery.

Dr. Philippe Adam and Dr. Renaud Héraud


Scientific lecture

A nouvel treatment for lumbar facet joint pathology. PRP CT-guided injection.

Dr. Philippe Adam

Wednesday 3rd April

17:55 – 18:05 | Auditorium




Scientific content

Give a look at the related video:

Ultrasound-guided injection of cervical facets with PRP

by Dr. Wesley Chen


Come to have more information about the use of PRP for back pain and spine surgery treatments.

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