European Musculoskeletal Oncology Society (EMSOS), Florence | May 15-17

Regen Lab biotechnologies in tissue regeneration

Autologous Platelet Rich Plasma in combination with Bone Marrow Concetrate is effective and represents a valid alternative to traditional tissue engineering techniques for the treatment of bone defects. (1)

Positive results have been showned in patients in need of bone regeneration:

>> A-PRP and CELLULAR CONCENTRATE are useful to promote healing of bone defects (range of successful 79% to 100%) in a short times (2)
>> A-PRP is efficent in the treatment of chondropathies and tendinopathies (3-4)
>> The use of FIBRIN MEMBRANE is a valid biological support that promotes the process of nervous and tendons regeneration (5-6)
>> The mix of A-PRP combined with HA favours the treatment of articular pain and improve mobility of the aricolation (into the knee) (7)

Would you like to have further information about Regen Lab medical devises for tissue regeneration?
Give a look at the following scientific content with Dr. Pietro De Biase,
who presents great results on patients with bone lesions.

Come to visit us at BOOTH 6 at the European Musculoskeletal Oncology Society (EMSOS) meeting.

Florence, May 15-17

The main topic of the meeting will be the innovative technologies in orthopaedic oncology, including new molecules for medical treatment, new imaging modalities and diagnostic strategies, new surgical procedures, reconstructive methods and devices.

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