Synergistically combines the complementary clinical effects of A-PRP and HA to provide added benefit for OA patients. 2

A-PRP: the patient’s platelet concentrate prepared with CellularMatrix, provides an autologous resevoir of growth factors from the patient’s blood.

Platelets are key factors in hard and soft tissue repair mechanisms 1. They provide essential growth factors, such as FGF, PDGF, TGF-ß, EGF, VEGF, IGF, which are involved in stem cell migration, differentiation and proliferation. Additionally, platelets also stimulate fibroblasts and endothelial cells to induce new extracellular matrix deposition and neo-vascularisation respectively.

Plasma contains many factors essential for cell survival including nutrients, vitamins, hormones, electrolytes, growth factors (such as IGF and HGF), and proteins. Among the plasma proteins, the molecules vital for the coagulation process and for the fibrin polymer formation will serve as a scaffold for cell migration and new tissue generation.

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    Proven role in the healing of soft and hard tissues, with key actions on cell migration, proliferation and differentiation
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    Growing body of evidence to support the treatment of OA mechanism of action comprises anti-inflammatory activity and activation of cell-signalling cascades
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    Key role in new matrix synthesis for tissue regeneration

Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is a major component of synovial fluid contributing to joint homeostasis.

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    25 years of clinical experience show pain relief and functional improvement lasting 6 to 12 months
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    Plays a major role in viscosupplementation and pain relief in OA
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    A network of HA chains constitutes an ideal cell-friendly matrix


Immediate formation, in one easy step, of a cell-friendly HA network in which platelets are dispersed, using a system which is specifically approved for preparation of the HA / A-PRP association.

CellularMatrix is a Medical Device that contains 2 ml of natural, non crosslinked, HA at a concentration of 20 mg /ml (40 mg total). The thixotropic cell-separation gel and the sodium citrate anticoagulant solution.

CellularMatrix A-CP-HA - Medical Device Class III - CE2797

Intended Use : Device used to prepare intra-articular injections into the knee for symptomatic treatment of articular pain and mobility improvement.


The study involved 100 symptomatic patients with knee cartilage degenerative lesions (Kellgren Lawrence scale grade 0 to III). Fifty patients, who had previously unsatisfactory clinical response to HA alone, were treated with IA injections of autologous CM-PRP-HA combination that was repeated 3 times with 3-week interval, while the other 50 patients were treated with IA HA injections. 3

Both A-PRP and HA have been extensively used to improve lubrication, modulate inflammation and modify the joint catabolic micro-environment, aiming not only for reducing clinical symptoms, but also interfere with OA progression. 3

CellularMatrix offers several advantages in the treatment of OA: HA creates a bioactive scaffolding through which the platelets progressively release their GFs to the target site. A-PRP does not negatively affect the mechanical, elastic or viscous properties of HA. 2

Skin Texture & Elasticity
A-PRP increases revascularisation, neo-callagenesis, tone, skin thickness and elasticity. It can be used as a standalone treatment or as a multi-treatment protocol combining technologies such as fractional laser, LED, chemical peels, dermal fillers, dermabrasion etc.6
Fibroblast proliferation is increased in the A-PRP group. This results in a doubling of the amount of collagen available within the extracellular matrix.3

The Patient’sPlatelet-RichPlasmastimulates cells to regenerate the skin’s connective tissue, resulting in accelerated healing post laser and chemical peels. It also improves the elasticity, tone and thickness of the skin and contributes to the remodelling of collagen fibres. 4-5
Examination of treated regions with A-PRP show new collagen formation, revascularisation, Glycosaminoglycans augmentation and anti-oxidant effect.6
Scars - Acne Scars
Treated scars have a noticeable improvement in colour, size and firmness. The use of A-PRP associated with microneedling is an innovative and represents a promising therapeutic treatment option for the management of keloid and pitted acne scars.7
Wrinkles & Dark Circles
RegenACR PLUS completes the RegenACR Kits line for the preparation of A-PRP® in Aesthetics, offering the exclusive PLUS technology for small to medium treated areas. 5,8,9

The combination of the patient’sPlateletRichPlasmaand its natural activator, Autologous Thrombin Serum (ATS) induces the formation of a biological glue and a three dimensional matrix, 100 % autologous. 8,9

Plateletsare stabilised at the treatment site for a long lasting growth factor delivery. 8,9
A-PRP delivery to the dermo-reticular area of the keloid scar allows for re-organisation of the tissues and decreasing mast cell proliferation and histamine release.7


A French multicentre, prospective study, in patients with knee joint OA, shows that 3 injections of 2ml of A-PRP + 2ml of non-cross‐linked HA (CellularMatrix) represent a new medical alternative to knee surgery after failure of HA alone.4

Number of patients: 71 4

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    Average age: 63 (low of 40yrs and high of 84yrs)
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    Gender: 37 males (52.1%), 34 females (47.9%)
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    Average BMI: 26.83 (low of 20.32 and high of 39.06)
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    Kellgren and Lawrence Grading Scale: grade II (46.5%) and grade III (53.5%)

Results 4

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    87.3% of patients were responders to treatment with CellularMatrix based on the OMERACT-OARSI criteria.
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    Significant decrease of WOMAC A1 score between day 0 and day 270
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    This study demonstrated that 3 injections A-PRP+HA represent a new medical alternative to knee surgery in patients who do not respond to treatment with HA alone.

CellularMatrix provided significant pain relief and functional improvement in 87.3% of patients who had an unsatisfactory clinical response to previous therapy with HA alone. 4


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