Cellular Matrix / BCT-HA Kit

>>Cellular Matrix / BCT-HA Kit

Cellular Matrix / BCT-HA Kit


Ref : BCT-HA-3

3 RegenBCT HA tubes

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Intra-dermal injections for hydration of dehydrated and wrinkled skin tissues.

The BCT HA Kit is composed of sterile and non-pyrogenic tubes allowing the mix of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) with Hyaluronic Acid (HA) in the same proportion (2ml of PRP for 2ml of HA). Each BCT HA Kit contains 3 RegenBCT HA tubes in independent blisters. The RegenBCT HA tube allows the preparation of 4ml of mix HA/PRP and contains: a gel of hyaluronic acid, an inert polyester cell-selector gel and a liquid anticoagulant. The RegenBCT HA tube is for single use only and is designed to be used with sterile and single-use phlebotomy material. Blood withdrawal accessories such as needles and tube holders are supplied separately.