A-PRP® injections are simple and efficient, have minimal adverse effects with a
low cost-to-benefit ratio and can be regarded a valuable alternative for the
treatment of alopecia. 1-3

The effect of activated platelet-rich plasma injections on hair density through a 1-year period:

A significant increase in the rate of hair
growth was observed between the 3rd and
6th months. Hair density followed a rising
trend with a remarkable peak at 3 months.
Patients with II-III grade of alopecia had
better results compared to patients with
more advanced alopecia. 2

In a pilot study, which is the first to investigate the effects of PRP on AA, PRP was shown to significantly increase hair regrowth, to decrease hair dystrophy, burning and itching and to increase cell proliferation compared to reference treatments. These results suggest that PRP may serve as a safe and effective treatment option for alopecia areata. 4

A-PRP stimulates and supports hair growth after Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) in three main steps:

  • Promoting vascularity to the hair root thereby increasing viability to the follicle before, during and after hair transplantation
  • Promoting tissue repair and regeneration post transplantation
  • Stimulating dormant hair follicles and growing new hair

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