Patient Information

Dear Patient,

Your physician has chosen a Medical Device manufactured by Regenlab to be used during your planned treatment. Your physician will discuss the planned treatment plan, the mode of action and future risks and possible therapy options with you in detail in a private interview prior to the procedure.

This information should not replace the private discussion with your physician.

Please refer to your Medical Device name below :

  • Cellular Matrix® BCT-HA, Ref.: BCT-HA-1, BCT-HA-3


  • Cellular Matrix® A-CP-HA, Ref.: A-CP-HA-1, A-CP-HA-3


  • ArthroVisc®40, Ref.: ARV-HA40-1, ARV-HA40-3


Our products are compliant to the Medical Device Regulation EU 2017/745. For Cellular Matrix® products, patient information leaflets are available in English. You can download the specific leaflet you need for each product below.

An implant card will be supplied with the mentioned above products and is intended to be filled with your information by your physician after the medical procedure. You shall keep it for the time indicated in your leaflet.




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located in

  • New York (USA)
  • Montréal (Canada)
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  • and Istanbul (Turkiye)