RegenACR kit is comprised of sterile disposable tubes, needles, tranfert devices and syringes, packaged in a single-use double blister.

RegenACR Kit cell separator gel allows for the easy, rapid and consistent preparation, from a small volume of blood, of PRP with an optimal platelet concentration and viability.


In order to guarantee sterility, all RegenACR Kits preparations are carried out in a One Step Closed System


BCT stands for Blood Cell Therapy


RegenACR BCT version produces A-PRP with an optimal cellular profile and platelet viability

RegenATS tubes produce a serum with 15 ± 5 IU/ml of activated autologous thrombin.

RegenACR is CE Marked and is only available through authorized distributors. The Product has not been approved or cleared for marketing by the United States Food & Drug Administration.