Synergistic action in the treatment of osteoarthritis

By February 24, 2014A-PRP / HA TECH, OA PROTOCOLS

• Major component of synovial fluid contributing to joint haemostasis

• Molecular weight and concentration of HA decrease in OA

• Viscosupplementation provides pain relief and improved function with 1-3 i.a. injections of HA

• 25 years of clinical experience show benefits of HA last 6-12 months with 75% response rate

• Network of HA chains constitutes ideal cell-friendly matrix (Gobbi 2009)



• Autologous reservoir of growth factors from patient’s own blood

• Proven role in the healing of soft and hard tissues (Marx 2004)

• Growing body of literature in the treatment of OA with 1-3 i.a. injections in studies with 6-12 month follow-up

• Mechanism of action comprises anti-inflammatory activity and activation of cell-signalling cascades (Barry 2001, Sevens 2004)

• Key role in new matrix synthesis for tissue regeneration


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