Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) as Core Assets


As a leader in the PRP&HA regenerative field and as an innovation-driven company, Regen Lab SA has devoted important resources since 2004 to put on the market pioneering and diversified products constituting a complete set of tools/technologies for the medical community. Innovation represents one of the strongest pillars of the company with more than 30 in-house scientists and a unique network of talented and renowned medical doctors contributing to Regen Lab’s Research & Development.

Over nearly 15 years, this innovation has been secured by building substantial patent & trademarks portfolios. Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) therefore represent core assets of the company protecting its unique products and forging Regen Lab’s renowned brand names.

The patent portfolio can be divided into two core technologies:

1-PRP/BMC gel devices, methods and uses thereof, alone or in combination with cell extracts and associated key technologies like Autologous Thrombin Serum (ATS) and PRP Cell Culture, which are covered by U.S. patents US10092598, US10080770, US10064894, US8529957, US9833478, US10226516, European Patent EP2073862B, Japanese patents JP6359495 and JP6588499, Australian Patent AU2013203115B, Swiss patent CH696752, Hong Kong patent HK12331793 and Patents pending including US2018353436, EP3111974, EP3395383, EP3403659, JP2017149786, CN105998067, CA2915649, IL252122, WO2011/110948 and WO2016/083549.

Associated trademarks are REGENLAB, REGENKIT, REGENACR, PRP, A-PRP, REGENCELL, REGENPLASMA, REGEN PRP, REGEN EXTRACELL, THT, fig.cellularmask, CUTECELLS, REGENVET, A-CPKIT which are registered trademarks of Regen Lab SA in Europe, United States and other countries.

2-Hyaluronic acid alone, cross-linked or not, or in combination with PRP/BMC leading to the unique “all in one” Cellular Matrix products combining in a synergetic manner the advantageous properties of PRP and HA, but also preparation in two separate devices, which are covered by U.S. patents US10272139, US8945537, US9517255 and US10052349, European patents EP2544697B1 and EP2544697B1, Canadian Patent CA2789533C, Chinese Patent CN103079577, Japanese patents JP6076091 and JP6321119, Australian Patent AU2011225828B, Israeli patent IL221133, Russian patents RU2614722 and RU2667964, Korean patent KR20130067247, Hong Kong patent HK1179507 and Patents pending including 7167/DELNP/2012, US16/298,112, JP2017149786, CN105998067, US2018327120, EP2771241 and WO2019155391.

Associated trademarks are REGENLAB, REGENKIT, CELLULAR MATRIX fig., SKINVISC, ARTHROVISC, REGENMATRIX, PRP and A-PRP which are registered trademarks of Regen Lab SA in Europe, United States and other countries.

Table: Patents per product


Image: Patents per technology/use


Version: 5 – Published online on 2019-10-17