Regen Lab responds YES to #ChooseFrance invitation for industrial relocation in France

Choose France

JournĂšs, Mr. Antoine Turzi, CEO of the RegenLab SA Switzerland Group, participated in the #ChooseFrance International seminar at the initiative of the French President Emmanuel Macron at one of the most prestigious location in Europe – â€œLe ChĂąteau de Versailles” on Monday, the 28th of June 2021.

Versailles“ was created by the King Louis XIV as the technological vitrine of the French know-how and “mĂ©tiers d’Arts”.

After 4 years of important reforms in the field of social law, the reduction of taxes on corporate income and the extraordinary credit research system, France is at the head of the decisions of investment for industry and biotechnology. This is the reason why RegenLab did his relocation for Research and Development and Industrialization in 2020, in Les Ulis, Plateau de Saclay.

RegenLab has obtained the CE mark for the medical device to prepare “cell-free” convalescent plasma preserving the integrity of 100% of the antibodies inducing passive immunity. The “vaccine” or “quasi-vaccine”, according to the idea developed by Professors Louis Pasteur and Robert Koch, will be developed and finalized in France and Germany where the vaccine concept was born.

At the invitation of the Minister of National Education, Mr. Jean-Michel Blanquer, Mr. A. Turzi raised the need to give university certification to medical training which was made compulsory by the new regulations concerning medical devices 2017/745 (MDR), in full force since May 2021.

At the invitation of Ms. Olivia GrĂ©goire, Secretary of State at the Ministry of the Economy and Finance, Mr. A. Turzi spoke about the funding of the clinical evaluation of medical devices in debilitating and irreversible indications such as osteoarthritis, chronic wounds and the project to fight against viral infections.
The Secretary of State has offered the assistance to RegenLab to progress in the administrative processes.

Mr. A. Turzi was presented to Mr. Bruno Le Maire, Minister of the Economy and Finance and Mr. Olivier VĂ©ran, Minister of Solidarity and Health. Then Mr. A. Turzi also had the chance to meet with Mr. Alain Griset, Minister Delegate for Small and Medium size Enterprises who also supports RegenLab establishment in France.

The most astonishing surprise came from the meeting with Ms. Élisabeth Moreno, Minister Delegate for Gender Equality, Diversity and Equal Opportunities, with whom, we have imagined new original ideas for the promotion of women in enterprise and civil society. RegenLab will participate as a biotech company in those projects as it has already a female staff ratio of 60% and 70% of management positions.

The highlight of this day was the introduction of Mr. Antoine Turzi by Ms. Élisabeth Moreno to the President of the French Republic Emmanuel Macron who was informed that the company RegenLab has been selected for a premium for its biotech industry project as well as the project against COVID-19 – the projects to which the President of the French Republic has offered his support through his cabinet.

The intensity of this day has evidently proofed that the Presidency of Mr. Emmanuel Macron is the best that could have happened for decades for the future of the biotechnology industry and scientific research in France.