Clinical evidence with Cellular Matrix® technology

Facial appearance

In a prospective study, 31 patients were treated by mesotherapy with the RegenPRP® and HA combination prepared with Cellular Matrix® (CM-PRP-HA) at 0, 1, and 2 months.

  • Clinical benefits were evaluated by FACE-Q scores and biophysical measurements of skin elasticity.
  • Comparison of FACE-Q scores showed significant improvement at 6 months compared with baseline (p=0.03).
  • Similarly, objective biophysical measurements showed significant improvement in skin elasticity (R5) compared to baseline (p=0.036) at 6 months post-treatment.
  • No serious side effects were reported.

Significant improvement in skin elasticity. 1-2

Skin quality

A prospective study with 5 patients evaluated the clinical benefits of the combination of RegenPRP® and HA prepared with Cellular Matrix® (CM-PRP-HA) when used as a mesotherapy on the hand and face.

  • Evaluations of skin quality and tonus were performed by both the treated subjects and evaluators.

result skin quality

  • A significant improvement was observed on the skin of the hands and face of all subjects, including improvement of skin quality and tonus, as well as wrinkle depth after three treatment sessions.
  • No serious side effects have been reported. Discomfort at the injection site and bruising (lower eyelid and back of hands) were reported.

Cellular Matrix® improves skin tonus and quality. 2

Cellular regeneration

CM-PRP-HA can be used either as a stand-alone treatment injected directly into the superficial dermis or together with the deeper injection into the superficial musculoaponeurotic system (SMAS)4-5.


cellular regeneration

  • HA acts as a bio-scaffold, increasing growth factor residence time in tissue and enhancing cell migration and regeneration. CM-PRP-HA makes the balancing of volume and lift much easier and gives an instant result 3-5.

The combination of RegenPRP® and HA provides better contouring and seems to accelerate cellular regeneration, making this combination the right tool for skin hydration.4-5


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Clinical evidence with Regenkit® A-PRP technology

New collagen

Histologic evidence of new collagen formulation using platelet rich plasma in skin rejuvenation3

In this prospective controlled clinical study, the authors evaluated the efficacy of an intradermal injection of RegenPRP® for human facial rejuvenation (20 patients) by performing histological examinations before and after treatment and measuring the mean optical densities (MODs) of collagen.

  • The authors observed that the MOD of collagen fibers was clearly higher on the PRP-treated side compared to the saline injected side (p < 0.001). These data are in line with previous in vivo work showing the effect of RegenPRP® on the rejuvenation of photoaged skin in nude mice2.
  • The authors observed no serious side effects following RegenPRP® treatment.

mean optical density of collagen

Figure 1:Graph illustrating the mean optical density for collagen measured at pre-treatment, saline or PRP-treated-condition. P<0.001 compared to pre-treatment and saline condition.

Skin revitalization

Face and neck revitalization with platelet-rich plasma3

In this case series of 23 patients, the authors evaluated if there are real outcomes, benefits and side effects following a standardized PRP injection protocol DGS was calculated by comparing the spider improvement score, the pre- and post-improvement photographs, the patient’s satisfaction score and the doctor’s satisfaction score.

  • Patients received a RegenPRP® injection once a month for three months.
  • Patients were evaluated one month after the last injection.
  • A definitive graduated score (DGS) was calculated for each patient.
  • The authors observed 70 % of good satisfaction from the patients.

skin revitalization graph

Figure 2:Graph illustrating the persent of patients scored for definitive graduated score. DGS score was good (average 12.8).


The authors concluded that face and neck revitalization with RegenPRP® is a promising, easy-to-use technique, performing favorably in all small skin wrinkles, as well as in skin texture and elasticity assessments.

Acne scars

Application of regenerative medicine in treatment of acne scars4

The efficacy of a nanofat and plasma rich-platlets injection and fractional CO2 laser resurfacing was evaluated in 30 patients4.


acne scars result

  • The authors showed that the combined approach of nanofat and RegenPRP® injection and CO2 laser can improve the appearance of atrophic scars. RegenPRP® and nanofat injection also significantly increased skin and subcutaneous tissue thickness.
  • Patients reported great satisfaction with the treatment and confirmed the impact of facial acne scars on social life and relationships.

RegenPRP® combined with nanofat is useful in treatment of acne scars.

Keloid scars

Injecting platelet-rich plasma is an effective and safe method as an adjunctive therapy to resection for treating keloid scars refractory to conventional therapy5
keloid scars treatment before after

The efficacy of RegenPRP® as a treatment of keloid scars was evaluated in 17 patients.5

  • Evaluations were based on the complete remission of the keloid scars, pruritus severity score and the mean Vancouver Scar Scale (VSS) score, two years after treatment with RegenPRP®.
  • 53% of keloid scars completely resolved at 2 years, and only 29% relapsed following RegenPRP® treatment.
  • Pruritus severity score was significantly lower at 2 years compared with baseline Pruritus symptom associated with keloid scar disappeared in 60% of patients.
  • The VSS score, which assesses 4 variables: vascularity, height/thickness, pliability, and pigmentation, was significantly improved at the 2 year follow-up (p < 0.001) and had improved in 88% of patients.

Injecting platelet-rich plasma is an effective and safe method as an adjunctive therapy to resection for treating keloid scars refractory to conventional therapy.


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