RegenExtracell BMC allows the extemporaneous concentration of bone marrow Stem Cells aspirate, which is immediately followed by its re-implantation (same surgical procedure).

The bone marrow is known to be rich in a heterogeneous population of mature and pluripotent stem cells (BMC’s: Bone Marrow Stem Cells). The bone marrow microenvironment, or medullary stroma, harbours, in addition to the well known blood cell progenitors (hematopoietic stem cells, HSCs), various immature cells such as mesenchymal stem cells (MSC’s, which are the musculoskeletal cell precursors), pre-adipocytes, endothelial progenitor cells, etc.

The heterogeneous nature of the bone marrow cellular microenvironment results in a very high regenerative potential, especially for bone and osteochondral tissues.


Procedure for autologous cell concentrate preparation from bone marrow aspirate:

  1. Aspiration of bone marrow from the iliac crest
  2. Sterile transfer of bone marrow from the collection syringe to the Device
  3. Centrifugation
  4. Application of the CELL CONCENTRATE according to the surgical needs

The autologous cell concentrate obtained from bone marrow aspirate, through the use of RegenKit Extracell BMC, can be infused directly in liquid form in the region to be treated or can be seeded in biological scaffolds of various types (membranes, platelet gel, autologous tissue grafts or allografts).

RegenKit® Extracell Glue - Medical Device Class IIb - CE0086

Intended Use​ of the Device: Preparation of autologous platelet rich plasma (A-PRP) and other plasma-derived products (from venous blood or bone marrow aspirate).